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Jan 2015
Alex Pounds
Jan 22 2015 13:52
Quick sanity check: this week’s invite looked OK, right? The invite link was present & worked OK?
Jacopo Nardiello
Jan 22 2015 14:01
It did (for me at least)
Alex Pounds
Jan 22 2015 14:26
@jnardiello Thanks. :) Someone emailed to say they couldn’t see the link and I got worried.
Ben Lovell
Jan 22 2015 14:57
yep, fine here too!
Jon Kelly
Jan 22 2015 18:20
The link is there and works fine :smile: . It is a little more vertical and thinner than usual, perhaps that's what led to the feedback. We are giving the company logo more height this week, so maybe it's stretched it a little.