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Feb 2015
Dave Gurnell
Feb 03 2015 12:19
@nikeshashar @creature Brighton is weekly on Tuesdays these days.
Alex Pounds
Feb 03 2015 12:30
@davegurnell Neat! Thanks for the info. :)
Alexander Jahraus
Feb 03 2015 19:14
Sorry, can’t make it tomorrow. Codebar clashes with our Tech Book Club session. By the way, we’re discussing Eloquent JavaScript, it’s a free book available online at and it’s very beginner-friendly (in fact, no programming knowledge is required at all, but the reader is being treated like an adult, that is, the intro to variables and values is quite fast-paced) – I can highly recommend it to beginner JS learners.
Kriszta Matyi
Feb 03 2015 19:39
Thanks for letting us know @fanaugen. Good book suggestion as well 😀