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Feb 2015
Dave Gurnell
Feb 18 2015 12:37
@KatieWillowMartin Sorry we missed your message yesterday! Extra help is always welcome. The next event is next Tuesday at the Skiff, just around the corner from you.
If you sign up as a coach you can opt in/out of that or any future events as time permits.
Denise Yu
Feb 18 2015 17:46
i've gone to codebar as a student a few times before, can i switch my member type to coaching somehow..? would like to try helping out w javascript or ruby!
Alex Pounds
Feb 18 2015 19:22
@deniseyu If you log in to the Codebar site & go to the profile page (use the menu on the left hand side), you can subscribe to the London Coaches list.
It’s up to you whether you kep subscribed to the students list too - you’ll get invites as a student & as a coach that way, if you do. :)
Nikesh Ashar
Feb 18 2015 19:28
@deniseyu - are you back in town?
Despo Pentara
Feb 18 2015 19:42
@deniseyu easy access -
Denise Yu
Feb 18 2015 20:28
cool! thanks @creature @despo :) @nikeshashar yup i got back on sunday