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Jul 2015
Oliver Turner
Jul 03 2015 12:17
@barisbalic - @fanaugen is correct: it's "Sass", despite being an acronym (and you can see more evidence on their home page:
Re SCSS being verbose, I personally like the visual affordances that brackets etc give me when parsing code and I like that it eases the transition from plain CSS for new developers
Carolina Sawney
Jul 03 2015 13:26
so here: i'll be learning what you suggest Oliver, whatever the name? @oliverturner. Thanks in advance!
Denise Yu
Jul 03 2015 15:11
hey coaches - we're having some problems with coach invites in the app for some reason. next week's workshop at ClauseMatch is open for RSVP:
Oliver Turner
Jul 03 2015 16:20
@assembly21 It's cool to see that they offer examples in each dialect... but again, my strong recommendation would be SCSS