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Jul 2015
Carolina Sawney
Jul 06 2015 08:15 UTC
yes but where do I learn scss? I searched for a book or a website and nothing comes up with that name, only a very short tutorial. @kaichanvong I'll email you if that's ok.
Dave Gurnell
Jul 06 2015 08:47 UTC
@assembly21 I'm more of a LessCSS person, but if I understand correctly, SCSS is a mild syntactic variation on SASS. Only the basic syntax is different -- the semantics are the same. This means you can probably learn SASS and translate the syntax to SCSS in your head. See for more info.
Kriszta Matyi
Jul 06 2015 08:58 UTC
@assembly21 this is a good overview of the different features of SCSS using the CSS like syntax
or this code school tutorial is really good, I remember doing it back in the day
the fist part is free, after that you have to pay for it but it's worth looking at the fist video at least
Baris Balic
Jul 06 2015 09:17 UTC
@assembly21 it's terribly named, but 'scss' and 'sass' are both Sass. Searching for Sass on it's own should bring up results but you will need to filter. The Sass-lang website shows all examples in scss by default:
Carolina Sawney
Jul 06 2015 18:57 UTC
thanks! @matyikriszta, @davegurnell , @barisbalic