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Denise Yu
Kai Chan Vong
Thanks. That account should now have 2 emails from my email address.
Kai Chan Vong
One thing I'm wondering about based on @barisbalic CLI tips a few days ago and also seeing it become trendy again (makefiles). Would be to do an intro to bash... make files, the CLI and more. Would be so much fun to do tutorials and introduce people in person to the power/dangers of the shell prompt (BourneAgainShell). Maybe even talk them through things like nano and vim. If anyone would like me to start to do things like that... I might already be doing it and be willing to share my progress! : )
Nicky Chorley
yay, Codebar tomorrow
Kriszta Matyi
please don't forget there's a tube strike again tomorrow so plan accordingly
if you can't make it cancel your RSVP
Nicky Chorley
thankfully, for me, it's convenient to get to and from GoCardless tonight :D
Carolina Sawney

Hi: I'm practising with Git. I've just created a new directory and initialised it. When I go to see the git log I see two previous commits from before that shouldn't be there as this new project has a new folder and is different. Here's the log:

commit 14793660b694ca962f1abdbd244220ddc791fd4d
Author: Carolina Sawney
Date: Wed Aug 5 15:34:01 2015 +0100

Initial commit

commit cecca35707164a77e0134adf20c0804ad8e3bf3c
Author: Carolina Sawney
Date: Thu Jul 23 15:43:22 2015 +0100

Initial commit

commit 8b98f61fc994ac781765e216da51c5ee59c0400e
Author: Carolina Sawney
Date: Wed Jun 17 18:59:02 2015 +0100

first commit


And I don't get there references on how to add code here. What's the single quote that goes from right to left? And the normal quote doesn't work.

Thanks in advance.

@assembly21 what is the output when you do a git status
Carolina Sawney
@hanster it was giving me files up to the whole file structure in my machine.
@assembly21 is this when you do a git status in the new directory ?
Carolina Sawney
@hanster yes
@hanster as if there was some left over of another .git tracking thing somewhere. I deleted everything now and started again and it works, but would like to know what it was.
strange, it could be that you tried to create a git repo within a git repo that was already there
if you're ever in that situation again, this link seems to tell you how to find out what the top level git folder is http://stackoverflow.com/questions/957928/is-there-a-way-to-get-the-git-root-directory-in-one-command
Carolina Sawney
@hanster that's what I thought, but it wasn't that. I didn't delete anything from somewhere else and the new folder works fine.
Denise Yu
@assembly21 in the directory that you want to track, run ls -a and make sure there is a .git. otherwise you forgot to do git init and Git looks up the parent directories to find the first available .git
also make sure you're in the right folder in command line with pwd
Denise Yu
hello @/all - we are transitioning from gitter to Slack. you can nab yourself an automatic invite here - https://codebar-slack.herokuapp.com/ this gitter room won't be deleted, but please move codebar-related questions/discussions over to Slack :)
Carolina Sawney
thanks @deniseyu , yes, I must have forgotten the git init.
Nicky Chorley
thanks @deniseyu for the Slack link
Mahan Marwat
This message was deleted
hey, if anyone has any remote remote , designer, DevOps or Sysadmin jobs they can post them at http://webwork.io
Stefan Pierre-Louis
Hi guys
I bought this pretty cool plugin (http://codecanyon.net/item/nacho-lightbox-flat-responsive-lightbox/5434882) that to build a gallery for porfolio. Now, I want to “enhance” the plugin by combining it with Isotope or Mixitup so as to add a filtering/categorizing option. Is it possible? If so, can someone walk me through it, please?
any freelancer here? i have a task... we can discuss amount
Jairo Diaz
Could anyone give me an example of using attr_reader instance variable? I knwo attr_reader: @var allows you to READ the value of @var. But what is it useful? thanks
hello guys in this counterclockwise how do you stop it in 00 and no _159 please https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41035992/jquery-countdown-timer-for-minutes-and-seconds
This message was deleted
http://cssanimation.io/ A CSS Animation Library to help you create stunning animations
Hi all, looking to practice javascript. Any suggestions where to start?
i have a great tutorials/courses/ebooks/advanced tools in different areas
if ur interesting
send me a message in private
New and need ALL the help I can get!