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Repo info
    Matt McCormick
    @stevepeak Good! We are making progress! As far as I can tell, the results are now being processed by CodeCov. :-) Next step: as a common C++/CMake practice, the tests are executed with test drivers whose source code is generated at build time. This adds common capabilities to the test driver (like image baseline comparison in our case) and reduces the number of executables, which helps with build system target counts and link time. However, CodeCov is looking for these generated test source file in its analysis. Any ideas of how to deal with this?
    Example error message in CodeCov web analysis:
    "Is the path Modules/Filtering/AntiAlias/test/ITKAntiAliasTestDriver.cxx a relative path your repository? "
    (ITKAntiAliasTestDriver.cxx is a file generated at build time)
    Steve Peak
    @thewtex this sounds like a path resolving issue https://docs.codecov.io/docs/fixing-paths
    I can help you configure these settings.
    Matt McCormick
    @stevepeak I'm not sure how to apply those in this case. The TestDriver.cxx in this case is a concatenation of a number of input .cxx test files. This is used to reduced the number of test executables, which helps builds systems for larger projects (Visual Studio would choke otherwise, for example) and reduces link time.
    Ruben Barilani
    Hello. Does somebody know how to disable email from codecov? thx in advance.
    Steve Peak
    Hey @hal9087_twitter emails are controlled by GitHub. Unfortunately, Codecov has no option to disable them. Sorry. You can disable to comment altogether or add filters in your email client.
    Ruben Barilani
    @stevepeak thx
    Garrett D'Amore
    So I have a weird question. I have a file that is executed, but function entry points in the file are marked as "red"
    This is processed by gcc 7 gcov. For example: https://codecov.io/gh/nanomsg/nng/src/master/src/nng.c
    The first function in that has no branches, and consists of exactly one statement (see line 27), yet the function itself is marked as not traversed. This leads to artifically low coverage counts for this file. Am I missing something?
    Other files in this project don't seem to suffer from this.
    Mindaugas Vinkelis
    C++ can someone explain why this is 80% coverage ?
    it seams that all if statements is marked as partially covered, although all branches are executed multiple times.
    • total code lines = 25,
    • if statements = 5
    Thiago C. D'Ávila
    Hello! I have a new account with private repositories on github and it is getting error when sending codecov via travis.com. The public repositories works fine with travis.org.
    Mark Williams
    hi! the calculated diff coverage for my PR is out of date; https://codecov.io/gh/twisted/twisted/pull/996/diff only includes up to https://github.com/twisted/twisted/pull/996/commits/9ce61b6c99a47d049af26e92a31d4efa82095b41, but the latest commit is more recent: https://codecov.io/gh/twisted/twisted/pull/996/commits - how do i regenerate the diff coverage report?
    Mateusz Łoskot

    Hi, I'm using https://codecov.io/bash script, copying some integration commands from existing projects and in one of them I noticed commands like this

    lcov --gcov-tool=gcov-7 ...`

    then (the bash script)

    ./codecov -f coverage.info -X gcov -x gcov-7

    The confusing part is this disable gcov, but run gcov-7.
    Is that to ensure default non-versioned executable is not run but the preferred one is?

    Mateusz Łoskot
    Has anyone noticed some lacking/diff between the codecov-bash and codecov-pythonuploaders? codecov/codecov-bash#118
    Mateusz Łoskot
    Could anyone have a peek at codecov/codecov-bash#118 ?
    Mateusz Łoskot

    Is it possible that uses of [ci skip] break codecov for pull requests?
    Please, consider this:

    git co master
    git ci -m "[ci skip]"
    git ci -m "[ci skip]"
    git co -b pr1
    git ci -m "Fix bug"
    git push user pr1

    Now, submit GitHub pull request based on branch pr1 and observe No coverage uploaded for pull request base

    Hutson Betts

    I recently started using the projects feature to split up a mono-repository so that individual packages within the mono-repository have their coverage reported separately from one another. - https://docs.codecov.io/docs/commit-status#section-splitting-up-projects-example-

    Is it possible to get coverage badges for each project? I'd like to place a badge on the README for each package, with the badge representing the coverage of that specific package, and not the entire mono-repository.

    Bernát Gábor
    is there VSTS integration
    ? :-)
    Matthew Song
    Does anyone know how to link "travis-ci" and "private repo" codecov?
    Using .travis.yml
    Paul Cleary
    Hello support folks? Our project vinyldns has been having issues for the past few weeks. Is it "safe" to just delete the project in codecov and re-add it?
    We are ok with losing history
    Attached a screenshot with errors. Many things are in an Error status. Some stuck in Processing
    Jordan Harband
    hi - not sure if this is the right room. I'm trying to add codecov support to a multi-package repo project, and it's not picking up the right source files. see https://codecov.io/gh/airbnb/enzyme/branch/coverage and https://travis-ci.org/airbnb/enzyme/builds/437478082
    Hutson Betts

    I do not believe CodeCov uses Gitter for support.

    Their available support channels are documented here - https://codecov.io/support

    Vinnie Falco
    Can someone please explain why an umbrella started appearing on my codecov badges?
    Boris Staletic

    I am not sure this is the right gitter room to ask, but Codecov has been leaving double comments on pull requests. For example: Valloric/ycmd#1177

    Later when a PR gets updated, codecov updates only one of the two comments.

    Hello, I wander how to test and analyse my django project.
    I use python manage.py test
    Jordan Harband
    anyone know how i can get codecov to recognize a new github org? (i want to add a repo that's newly transferred into a new org, to codecov)
    Shubham Kumar
    on overview coverage chart message shows "Not enough recent commit found with enough parameters" Although there are many commits.
    I can't see the line graph
    Daniel de Paula
    Hello, I'm sorry if it's a repeated question, but I can't succeed in updating my repository's "current yaml file". I've already checked the items in the docs, but the file is valid, it's in the default branch and the GitHub integration is working fine. Is there a way to force an update?
    A few details: It's a monorepo, so we are using the "flags" feature and CI only uploads coverage with the --flags arg. Could this be preventing the new yaml from being loaded?
    Jordan Harband
    anyone have an update on codecov just not working on public github repos?
    Cyril Lapinte
    Hello, I am having an issue with codecov. I have 5 packages in my github monorepo. They all push their coverage results but codecov only include 4 in the reports.
    Any hints or idea where I should look ?
    Cyril Lapinte
    I was able to fix my issue. I am not waiting for all module coverage to complete to submit them all at once. It works fine now.
    Hillary Hueter
    i've read through the documentation multiple times. and the report is not empty, but every ci build errors when processing reports.
    these are the fixes i put in my codecov.yml
    • "home/circleci/project/::" # move path e.g., "before/path" => "after/path"
    Lukas Köbis
    Hi, I've been spending the past few hours trying to get codecov to work with out monorepo setup. I'm running jest in different packages and each one seems to generate relative paths (src/...) so I don't know how I can map them to the right paths in the repo (workspace/packages/XXX/srx/...). Can anyone help me out here?
    my org has been using codecov for a couple years now. suddenly no one can see private repos in the ui. what gives?