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Nov 2014
Reed Nelson-Saunders
Nov 18 2014 01:01
@philipqnguyen I made a pr for sucker_punch
can you review it when you get a chance?
Philip Q Nguyen
Nov 18 2014 21:27
Brook Riggio
Nov 18 2014 23:48
Gents: Will, our CTO, will be evaluating the MM app tomorrow, to verify it is ready to put in front of partners.
Can you please give it a thurough review this afternoon/evening? I really want this to get the greenlight, but it has to be professionally presentable before we can turn it on.
Philip Q Nguyen
Nov 18 2014 23:51
awesome. There's a lot of changes not on production, I'll do that in a min.
Clarify, I'll push them to production in a min
Brook Riggio
Nov 18 2014 23:53
Marco Lindsay
Nov 18 2014 23:57
It's great you guys got it this far 👍