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May 2014
Tyler Morgan
May 07 2014 01:35 UTC
I just added the hello world express write up to the gitbook, if you see any typos or spelling mistakes, submit a pull request!
Anna Luisa Patiño West
May 07 2014 18:41 UTC
If you're stuck on the third ExpressWorks tutorial (Good Old Form), there's a post about it in their issue tracker: nodeschool/discussions#274
Stephen Boles
May 07 2014 19:55 UTC
Thank you for the heads up @aisapatino
Josh Cunningham
May 07 2014 21:03 UTC
Ivan Storck
May 07 2014 21:06 UTC
brew install tree - configuration section for .jshintrc
Ivan Storck
May 07 2014 22:28 UTC
check out if you’re on linux
Hailey L. Petway
May 07 2014 22:51 UTC
Here's a nice example grunt file: