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May 2014
Robert Talamantez
May 17 2014 03:01
curious about the best way to handle Websockets in Node?
Josh Cunningham
May 17 2014 05:53
Functional JS for free: ... "ebook" is a PDF
Stephen Boles
May 17 2014 11:48
@jeffadelman8 Thank you sir.
Stephen Boles
May 17 2014 14:55
Hailey L. Petway
May 17 2014 17:02
I'm at the Node.js workshop, and I wanted to share the link to Dale's gitbook on writing Node.js apps. It might be worth a read and definitely worth bookmarking:
Lucas Cotner
May 17 2014 18:27
Chelsea Lura
May 17 2014 19:46
@joshcanhelp Great find! It also had "JavaScript: The Good Parts".
Hailey L. Petway
May 17 2014 21:27
Has anyone gotten their running on heroku? I'm getting an error when Heroku launches the app, but I'm passing tests and linting.
Hailey L. Petway
May 17 2014 21:45
for clarification, the app launches but will not load in the browser.
Ivan Storck
May 17 2014 23:45
@hlpetway did you check for any errors in the javascript console?
looks like we all have memorial day off, BTW
Anna Luisa Patiño West
May 17 2014 23:48
@hlpetway what url are you trying in the browser?
Hailey L. Petway
May 17 2014 23:55
I'm trying localhost:3000
I'll look in the Javascript console.
It works when I run the server in my command line and go to the local host. Once I launch the app and go to it's not working. I'm getting a 503, which isn't very helpful
I look at the heroku logs and it looks like it's having a hard time finding what it need to the node_modules?