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May 2014
Ivan Storck
May 27 2014 16:25
So, I was reading about teams that do a daily stand up meeting, “async” via chat. Seems like it could be a good idea for project week, what do you all think? Format for stand-up meetings is:
  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What is planned for today?
  3. Any obstacles or problems holding you back?
  4. Any cool new things to share?
Jeff Adelman
May 27 2014 16:28
cool. we'll comment shortly!
Jeff Adelman
May 27 2014 16:41
  1. Continued to refine our map functionality. Got our Gruntfile, package.json and Express server operational. Implemented our initial basic Backbone structure.

  2. Flesh out and finalize our tests. Integrate our map in its current state with our frontend.

  3. None right now.

  4. We were able to implement a polygon overlay on our results to further refine our search and contain our results to the specific radius from our route that we want.

Kyle Warbis
May 27 2014 22:38
nice one @ivanoats
Tyler Morgan
May 27 2014 23:22
If anyone is having trouble testing a combination of their browser code combined with their browserify modules check out this repo: or you can test with mocha/chai and grunt-simple-mocha.
Tyler Morgan
May 27 2014 23:50
Also, here's my version that works both in browser and on the command line