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Jun 2014
Ivan Storck
Jun 06 2014 00:02
Reminder 9:00am in the Easy with Kristin tomorrow
Kevin Stephens
Jun 06 2014 01:09
no doubt MongoDB shell === baller
BSON dates are gangster
Robert Talamantez
Jun 06 2014 01:12
Robert Talamantez
Jun 06 2014 01:33
This message was deleted
Nicholas Harberg
Jun 06 2014 15:58
Just a final check to see if anyone wants to work on a donations app using the MEAN stack? Guaranteed to be at least one saturday full of Star Wars references and vegan food.
Ivan Storck
Jun 06 2014 17:31
Changes from class to my d3demo repo: ivanoats/d3demo@c09b7d8
Stephen Boles
Jun 06 2014 21:10
ummmm... that's awesome.
Thanks Zach.
and Jeff.
Josh Cunningham
Jun 06 2014 21:32
Great for daily practice, lots of interesting code problems to solve:
Ivan Storck
Jun 06 2014 22:03
are you guys done with curtis’ lecture? LMK when you’re done?
Jeff Adelman
Jun 06 2014 22:09
just finished. Taking 5 now and then Mitch starting.