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Jun 2014
Ivan Storck
Jun 09 2014 14:30
My childcare is not available until 10am this morning - will be in as soon as I can after
I'll be available online
Nicholas Harberg
Jun 09 2014 16:21
Anna Luisa Patiño West
Jun 09 2014 16:52
anyone heard anything about i saw it recommended as a 4.0-compatible alternative to passportjs
Tyler Morgan
Jun 09 2014 17:08
If anyone is interested, here's the pull request for most of the stuff I'm going to go over in class today: codefellows/javascript-b15-notes#2
Ivan Storck
Jun 09 2014 17:10
:clap: thank you tyler! Getting ready to head in now
Kevin Stephens
Jun 09 2014 17:14
On the first reading, JSON Web Tokens. How does keeping a record of issued tokens prevent spoofing?
Ivan Storck
Jun 09 2014 18:00
If you didn’t see me walk in, I’m here at Code Fellows, at my desk, ready to help
Josh Cunningham
Jun 09 2014 18:39
@ivanoats Meeting with my group, should be ready at noon or before
Ivan Storck
Jun 09 2014 18:41
Ivan Storck
Jun 09 2014 18:48
OAuth for JavaScript.pdf
^^ slides for today, also in Asana
^^ AWS credits
Ivan Storck
Jun 09 2014 22:29
in node cosole: var sa = require('superagent’);
sa.get('').end(function(err, res) { console.log(res)});
Chelsea Lura
Jun 09 2014 22:29
Thanks Ivan! :)
Ivan Storck
Jun 09 2014 22:32
`passport.authenticate('basic', {session:false});`
passport.authenticate('basic', {session:false});
Ivan Storck
Jun 09 2014 22:50
JS Security.pdf
^^ slides for tomorrow
Ch 5 from Advanced Express Web Application Development.pdf
Ch 7 from node_cookbook.pdf