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Jun 2014
Robert Talamantez
Jun 14 2014 00:43
Anyone get photos from the meetup?
Jeff Adelman
Jun 14 2014 02:41
cfbot image me shabbat shalom
Jeff Adelman
Jun 14 2014 02:43
that just happened
Outlines a utility that can be used to record and playback http requests. Useful for testing code that relies on external apis
Tyler Morgan
Jun 14 2014 17:42
@KuroFluff Just found this tidbit in eloquent javascript in the section about undefined “There is also a similar value, null, whose meaning is ‘this value is defined but it does not have a value.’ The difference in meaning between undefined and null is mostly academic and usually not very interesting"
Andy Ernst
Jun 14 2014 18:52
Oh intuitive and well-crafted javascript