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Jul 2014
Jul 24 2014 02:31
I just installed Node and Grunt on my Windows side and it works great. Maybe I can get rid of this virtual machine, eventually.
Jul 24 2014 02:39
AND git.
Andy Ernst
Jul 24 2014 03:53
but now you have to do the slashes the other way, not sure I could deal with that kind of change
Jul 24 2014 05:25
Nicholas Harberg
Jul 24 2014 15:54
@ivanoats Are you still planning on the Algorithms Study Group?
Hailey L. Petway
Jul 24 2014 17:44
@ivanoats @harberg I would be very interested in an algorithms study group
Zach Bryan
Jul 24 2014 19:36
Game night?
Anna Luisa Patiño West
Jul 24 2014 19:37
yes! we should do a reunion get-together involving board games. and limoncello
Hailey L. Petway
Jul 24 2014 20:17
I agree!
Dale Corns
Jul 24 2014 20:34
re credits, I received my weeks ago...hmm