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Jul 2014
Robert Talamantez
Jul 29 2014 07:30 UTC
Hailey L. Petway
Jul 29 2014 13:38 UTC
I did not go to that website and find this: @ChelseaLura @harberg
Kevin Stephens
Jul 29 2014 16:28 UTC
Haha. Nice work Hailey.
Nicholas Harberg
Jul 29 2014 16:52 UTC
@hlpetway That just made my day, thanks.
Hailey L. Petway
Jul 29 2014 17:26 UTC

I'm happy I could help. :)

@KuroFluff, I finally figured out pagination for Jekyll. Have you found a good resource for the liquid templating?

Anna Luisa Patiño West
Jul 29 2014 17:48 UTC
@toastynerd Did you find someone already? If not I could help.
Andy Ernst
Jul 29 2014 22:48 UTC
@hlpetway Haven't looked. I've been using what's already in Jekyll and changing it.