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Aug 2014
Erik Nilsen
Aug 06 2014 01:01
@jeffadelman8 how did it go?
Aug 06 2014 02:59
I did this for a freelance client, mostly in jQuery. Kind of proud of it.
Robert Talamantez
Aug 06 2014 03:06
Woah, way to go
Kevin Stephens
Aug 06 2014 03:34
I'm down for Norms
Aug 06 2014 06:08
Thanks, man
Kevin, you got a job? Where do you work?
Jeff Adelman
Aug 06 2014 06:11
Thanks for asking @enilsen16. Went pretty well. 2 hour shared-screen phone tech interview. Positive comments. Said they'll let me know something tomorrow.
Erik Nilsen
Aug 06 2014 07:03
Good Luck!
Nicholas Harberg
Aug 06 2014 15:58
Awesome news @jeffadelman8. Who was it with?
Ivan Storck
Aug 06 2014 16:13
I love how supportive your class is to each other, it really helps a lot. Good job folks! :smile:
Erik Nilsen
Aug 06 2014 17:49
@ivanoats of course we are all in this together :D