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Aug 2014
Chelsea Lura
Aug 08 2014 00:01
@ZachBowman Congratz!!!
Kevin Stephens
Aug 08 2014 00:38
@ZachBowman Congrats! Yes, I'm working at Formidable. Anna Luisa and I started here on Monday.
Robert Talamantez
Aug 08 2014 01:52
woah wtg @kevinmstephens and @aisapatino
Aug 08 2014 01:54
@kevinmstephens, @aisapatino Great job, guys!
Tyler Morgan
Aug 08 2014 03:04
@kevinmstephens @aisapatino Awesome, congrats!
Kyle Warbis
Aug 08 2014 03:34
I wish I could work with everyone from CF
Aug 08 2014 04:36
Yeah, that would be awesome.
Aug 08 2014 23:52
Guys, I got a better offer from another Microsoft branch and I took that one. They program test tools for AAA games.
@kevinmstephens , What kind of stuff do you do at Formidable? Those are the guys who gave us the Backbone tutorial, right?