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Aug 2014
Kyle Warbis
Aug 09 2014 03:06
You missed out on bing man. You could've been on the cutting edge of porn video search optimization. ask @dzdonov
Chelsea Lura
Aug 09 2014 05:56
^ lol
Aug 09 2014 08:05
Yeah, I very narrowly escaped Bing's clutches, by about an hour and a half.
Aug 09 2014 14:09
I found some open web development spots through recruiters that they said I could pass around, if you guys are interested
Andy Ernst
Aug 09 2014 17:31
I once got an email for a job just moments before saying yes on the phone to another job. The email job paid twice as much.
Hailey L. Petway
Aug 09 2014 18:09
oh no! :)
Aug 09 2014 19:36
@kurofluff, did you see the email in time?
@mquy, what kind of details did you want to hear about?
Andy Ernst
Aug 09 2014 22:23
Yes I did, and I worked there a year and half.