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Sep 2014
Stephen Boles
Sep 23 2014 19:37
I'm curious: Who's still looking for a position?
Andy Ernst
Sep 23 2014 20:03
I am.
Hailey L. Petway
Sep 23 2014 20:55
Hey everyone, let's do another happy hour. @ChelseaLura and I were brainstorming possible locations and times. What days work best for everyone?
Kyle Warbis
Sep 23 2014 21:14
Friday, Thursday is aight.
Hailey L. Petway
Sep 23 2014 21:16
@aisapatino, what days work best for you?
Kevin Stephens
Sep 23 2014 21:20
lets not go to norms there food is terrible
Kyle Warbis
Sep 23 2014 21:25
Norm's has tasty food
Chelsea Lura
Sep 23 2014 21:35
if we want SLU, I know that Serious Pie has a happy hour with half-price pizzas
I know for me, anywhere Downtown/Pioneer Square would be closest
Jeff Adelman
Sep 23 2014 22:11
@stephenboles I am as well. I keep having great interviews where companies say how much they love me and how perfect I am for their company but they "don't have the personnel to hire me right now." :-/ Which I think means they want me to be a Senior Dev and I'm obviously not.