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Sep 2014
Kyle Warbis
Sep 30 2014 15:33
@kevinmstephens That response reminded me of the most riveting of all code fellows lightning talks.
Kevin Stephens
Sep 30 2014 20:23
y'all see the smoke coming from fremont?
Kyle Warbis
Sep 30 2014 20:39
what happened?
Kyle Warbis
Sep 30 2014 20:48
damn looks huge.
Hailey L. Petway
Sep 30 2014 21:10
I could see it all the way in bellevue @kevinmstephens
Sep 30 2014 22:07
so I realized my CORS issue had to do with my jenkins api, I found this which is supposed to solve the issues but it only seems to be dealing with getting jobs from jenkins and not being able to post to the jenkins api does anyone have an ida of how I would set this up for post requests?
here is my server file

var proxy = require('express-http-proxy');
var express = require('express');
var app = express();
var jenkinsapi = require('jenkins-api');
var jenkins = jenkinsapi.init("http://jenkins.locahost:8080");



I am also unclear if i put jenkins.(url where my site is) or jenkins.( url where the api is)
Sep 30 2014 23:43
ok so i know that I place my api url in there and then I choose to build a jenkins job with the specified paramters and my console returns success, yet I still get the no control access allow error. but when I disable cors on chrome, i get success. So now I am unclear if it is a jenkins api issue or my express server issue... oh well.