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Oct 2014
Oct 02 2014 05:55
Hi sorry to take over this room with angularjs questions but I'm a ruby guy struggling my way through this angular app but I am finally at the end. all i need to do is take the scope variables from my form post and put them into a parameter in my nodjs server, is there standard way to transfer scope variables to your server? I did some research and this is what I cam up with but its not working
here is my http post on my angular side
Marco Lindsay
Oct 02 2014 05:55
man kevin always taking over the js room
Oct 02 2014 05:56
          method: "post",
            url: "/api/trigger",
            data: {names: $scope.jobName, email: $, room: $, type: $scope.types}
     }).success(function(data, response) {
                         $scope.jobName = data    
    } else {
        alert('Not Submitted, Error Filling Out Form')
and my server side'/api/trigger', function(req,res) {'TestGitHubHook', {TEST_PARAM: req.body.names, EMAIL:, ROOM:, TYPE: req.body.types}, function(err, data) {
if (err){ return console.log(err); }

i thought using req.body.(json key) would work but its not, if anyone has run into this help would be very appreciated