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Dec 2014
Evan W Paige
Dec 19 2014 07:24
I have completed the html course, as well as a html course through I am still currently working through the Javascript course at the moment with a little bit more difficulty. I am however making progress and learning a great deal, which feels great! Can't wait to get started in January! Thanks Brook!
Scott Schmidt
Dec 19 2014 14:47
Today is the last day of over 10 years at my job! I'll be "hittin' it hard" next week to finish up the assignments. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Brook Riggio
Dec 19 2014 17:51
@EWPS07 Nice! Don't worry, the JS one is definitely trickier, but we'll go over a lot of those concepts in class. The more exposure you have now, the better.
@sjschmidt44 Congrats! Hope the transition goes well.