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Jul 2014
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 12 2014 00:19
@joeelsey I keep getting infinity
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 12 2014 00:28
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not sure if that is even a valid thing though
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 12 2014 00:58
@joeelsey if I understand math correctly dividing by zero can only really result in -∞ or ∞. from what I have read JavaScript defines 0 as having infinite 0's in it so if you divide any non zero number by 0 you end up with infinity and if you divide 0 by 0 you are basically dividing infinity by infinity, which, assuming we are dealing with only one class of infinity is, indeterminate and thus returns NaN. I am fully expecting to be wrong about this because as has been said, javascript is weird.
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 12 2014 01:16
not that I really know any of that but I got stuck in a wikihole and felt like something productive should come out of it.
Francis Bacon
Jul 12 2014 02:10
Drowning. Can't swim.
Blurb. gurgle.
Joe Elsey
Jul 12 2014 03:24
I was working on a tutorial module to make a calculator object that could add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Kept getting hung up by the divide because numbers being divided by zero were coming up null. Tried to google first, but I figured I'd take my question here afterwards.
Nicholas Weber
Jul 12 2014 04:42
@sburbidg For what it's worth, dividing by zero doesn't result in infinity, it's undefined.
Jul 12 2014 07:38
i took the UX class and i think we wound up with free code school for a while. is that still a thing?