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Jul 2014
Stephanie Lingwood
Jul 19 2014 01:10
Anyone know what time lab gets going tonight?
Tyler Morgan
Jul 19 2014 01:17
well, I’m here, so if you need help with something show up whenever
I’m probably going to try to leave somewhere in the 7:30 - 8:00 range
Stephanie Lingwood
Jul 19 2014 01:27
Ah! Okay, I'll head down soon. Thanks.
Mandi Grant
Jul 19 2014 18:21
I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get to the accelerator from northern Kirkland (Finn Hill). Is there any "affordable" parking near Code Fellows? I'm finding garages that are $18+ a day, that's a bit much. Taking the bus is nearly 2 hours each way, that's a bit much, too. lol. Any tips for east siders? It's only 8 weeks, I can tolerate 4 hours in the bus every day for 8 weeks, but would rather not if there's some (not $$$$/not 4 hours a day) alternative I'm missing.
if i'm reading this right (and i'd be surprised), there's some cheap options there? look into eastlake too