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Jul 2014
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 25 2014 02:15
can you not assign a value to a div like this?
<div class="tab" value="1">Proflies</div>
Jeff Adelman
Jul 25 2014 02:31
@sburbidg hmm... I'm not sure about that. The "value" attribute is typically used in a text input to set a default value for the input. What are you trying to do with it?
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 25 2014 04:46
@jeffadelman8 yeah it appears it has to be a list element to take a value.
Hank Yates
Jul 25 2014 20:39
is anyone else planning on going to the lab tonight?
ill be there so itll be a good opportunity to get some feedback
Martin Genev
Jul 25 2014 21:11
if you guys are curious what kind of apps people are using client mvc frameworks for here's a link with some
Stephanie Lingwood
Jul 25 2014 21:51
@hankyates I'm planning on being there tonight. Anyone else?
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 25 2014 22:40
I might pop in. Depends if I end up in seattle tonight
Hank Yates
Jul 25 2014 22:58
@mgenev it looks like those are just ember apps though