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Jul 2014
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 26 2014 01:04
sorry couldn't make it in tonight, but I do have a question

I am using this so when you click on one image another appears in its place and then clicking on the new one brings in another new one.


for some reason it is only working the first time. It seems like it should keep working because each new image is taking on the image class so it should respond to the next click, or thats what I thought.

Mandi Grant
Jul 26 2014 01:31
What is the purpose of .next() in your code? If you click an image, don't you want to operate on that image, not its sibling? (What is its sibling in this case?)
If you make a jsfiddle with it I wouldn't mind messing with it and seeing if I can find an answer for you. :)
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 26 2014 01:49
that would be awesome. the next is referring to the next sibling.
beware, it is not aesthetically pleasing yet
Aron Garavaglia
Jul 26 2014 02:09
Hi hank, are you still planning on coming to the lab tonight? I'm here with one other F2 student.
Hank Yates
Jul 26 2014 02:37
yup im here!