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Jul 2014
Joe Elsey
Jul 29 2014 03:05
Jul 29 2014 03:25
Tip: jQuery has both append() and appendTo() methods.
append() is called on the target container, and takes the new element or markup as an argument.
appendTo() is the opposite: it takes the target container as its argument, and is called on the jQuery-wrapped element you wish to insert into the DOM.
Jostein Straume
Jul 29 2014 19:22
Has anyone else in section B been denied into the accelerator program based on space constraints? I am incredibly frustrated that they would expand Foundations II into two sections if they couldn't actually meet that demand moving forward into the Development Accelerator.
Ivan Storck
Jul 29 2014 20:03
@jstraume Lindy got your email and is going to contact you directly
Scott Romney Burbidge
Jul 29 2014 21:22
Is there any kind of standard practice for organizing css or do people just use the find function when the css file gets large?
Mandi Grant
Jul 29 2014 21:29
I like to organize my CSS from broad to specific, and create sections (marked by comments) for various parts of the site. Like, maybe the author box has 5 selectors associated with it, so I group those together and start their names with authorbox. Dunno how much of that is just personal preference, but I've seen other stylesheets organized like that.
Ivan Storck
Jul 29 2014 21:32