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Sep 2014
Sep 18 2014 00:39
node install is super easy I think... maybe it's worth it?
Joe Elsey
Sep 18 2014 01:18
I messed it up I think. Brew won't link with node because I installed node through npm first. I think I'm going to have to completely uninstall npm and node. Then reinstall with brew. Hopefully there won't be an issue beyond that.
Joe Elsey
Sep 18 2014 16:03
Just talking out loud here, but maybe someone will run into the same issue. I wasn't able to uninstall node or npm. Brew couldn't link because it couldn't overwrite certain files. The issue was in the folder permissions. I changed the conflicting folders from read only to read&write. Brew was able to link and brew doctor says I'm ready to brew.
John Fahey
Sep 18 2014 16:52
@CTownsdin parking is cheaper over by Daniel's Broilerhouse if you don’t mind a little walking.
Joaquin Guardado
Sep 18 2014 21:38
Play It Again Sports & Cycle $8.00
10 min walk