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Nov 2014
Robert Lee
Nov 04 2014 17:47
For assignment 3, asking for some clarification since we're being asked to remove the items from assignment 2. Will our github repo need to have a separate copy of assignment 2's items (app with buttons, segues), or will just the history of those items in git be fine?
Brian Ledbetter
Nov 04 2014 19:26
I branched my homework assignments so that Homework2 will be frozen as it was when it was completed. Homework3 will have its own branch, and master branch will have whatever is most recent.
John Leonard
Nov 04 2014 19:53
I'll be doing what Brian did. The idea is that each individual assignment will be recoverable.
Nov 04 2014 21:26
since repositories keep a complete history of all of the work done, you wouldn't be losing that work even if you deleted it in your working direct. You can go ahead and just delete or comment out the old code, I will only be checking for the latest version of the app when I check the homework