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Nov 2014
Ryan Christensen
Nov 08 2014 01:14
Nice. I'll look those up.
Patrick Landin
Nov 08 2014 01:52
2014-11-07 17:48:40.339 Class3-HW-iOSF2[1887:527279] Unknown class DetailViewController in Interface Builder file.
Has anyone seen this error before? The app builds successfully, but when I click a list cell, it freezes and shows me this error. I've reset content and settings in the simulator and some other clean up to no avail. Thanks
John Leonard
Nov 08 2014 02:20
Patrick, is your project in Git? If so can you point us to the repository & branch?
Patrick Landin
Nov 08 2014 03:04
Daniel Hour
Nov 08 2014 06:09
@PatrickLandin hey i think you forgot the didSelectRow method
Patrick Landin
Nov 08 2014 17:59
Thanks. I ended up just starting the project over from scratch and the error went away. Good practice I guess.
Nov 08 2014 18:15
I created my next assignment by copying the last one and renaming it. It gave me an error message that had something to do with the path no longer being valid. I have found Xcode has problems with moving projects from their origin directories or changing their names. I was able to fix it with the clean option under product. @bradleypj823 does that sound like the right thing to do?
Chantel Frizzell
Nov 08 2014 23:38
@cwnidog I did not see your message until now - I would have gone had I seen your response earlier. I will be early again on Monday - I usually try to be there by 5:30pm and hang out in the co-working lab.