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Nov 2014
Nov 14 2014 23:05
Who's going to the Unix and Git workshop? Planning to work on homework afterwards.
John Leonard
Nov 14 2014 23:06
Eric - I did ‘em in August. They’re well worth your time.
Scott Kendall
Nov 14 2014 23:35
anyone have an idea on what I could be doing wrong? ctrl-dragging from a table view on the storyboard to a ViewController.swift file only shows connecting line but then doesn't show popup to insert an IBOutlet etc? it used to work for me in a different project and I've copied everything I can think of...
(I also tried restarting Xcode, and doing a Clean, but neither resolved this)
Ryan Christensen
Nov 14 2014 23:39
do you already have an outlet there? an old one maybe?
Scott Kendall
Nov 14 2014 23:44
don't think so. if I look at the connections inspector for the storyboard table view, there's nothing there
Scott Kendall
Nov 14 2014 23:54
I'm a gonna start over again...
Nov 14 2014 23:58
is the class of the view controller you are dragging from in the storyboard the same as the class that you are dragging to in code