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Dec 2014
Kevin Pham
Dec 02 2014 17:27
Here’s a quick tip for your future into coding. I’ve noticed early off, that I assumed the TAs and instructors knew what I was talking about and the problem I faced, and that made getting help more difficult.
Asking good questions:
0a. Attempt the problem
0b. Google it
0c. If it takes you longer than 30-60 minutes, ask for help.
  1. Explain the project and what it does
  2. What is the expected outcome.
  3. What is the unexpected behavior.
  4. Where is the error, #line (if applicable)
Good luck all!
Dec 02 2014 18:23
^great advice kevin!
Kevin Pham
Dec 02 2014 18:32
Use the same approach if you ever dare post a question on Stack Overflow. I don’t think anyone would ever bash you for asking good questions, you’ll get thrashed for asking poor questions, or they’ll constantly ask you to clarify.
Help us help you ;)