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Dec 2014
Ryan Christensen
Dec 10 2014 00:19
High score! Good work man. That's pretty entertaining.
Dec 10 2014 00:20
Tony Hawk better watch out, I'm coming for him
John Leonard
Dec 10 2014 21:38
On udemy looking for an intermediat iOS8 tutorial. Interesting that they seem to think that I’m trying to design a culvert. I don’t need much software instruction to design a culvert.
As I scroll through their offereings further, I see they’re offering a way to develop 6-pack abs, as well.
Dec 10 2014 21:43
haha yeah they have a pretty wide range of courses
Kevin Pham
Dec 10 2014 21:44
If you wanna learn, I’m offering tutoring services for lunches
No-Chopstix prz
or Taco Taijin
El Camion preferred :)
Kevin Pham
Dec 10 2014 21:51
Or just catch me around Code Fellows. I’m here frequently.