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Dec 2014
Ryan Christensen
Dec 11 2014 02:51
Isn't the closest El Camion by the stadiums? I'll be there around noon tomorrow. My interview is at 2 and I'm pretty nervous. Figured I can just hang out and soak up the vibes...
Kevin Pham
Dec 11 2014 03:52
There's one in SLU. The vibes are kinda sucky atm. Not many people around since Dev. Accelerator ended
Ryan Christensen
Dec 11 2014 04:18
Haha. I'll have to hunt down that one then.
John Leonard
Dec 11 2014 22:55
For those of you who went through the iOS8/Swift Fundamentals II and will be going on to the iOS8/Swift Dev Accelerator, I suggest that you take a look at Chris Ching’s udemy course to review and keep your skills up: It goes over most of the same stuff that Brad covered and unlike Brad, you can stop & rewind as many times as you like.
Oh, and most important - it’s free.
Not that Brad minded repeating himself, but I’m sure that he had a limit somewhere.
Dec 11 2014 23:02
haha I'm planning on recording all of our lectures this time
so you can actually stop and rewind me
John Leonard
Dec 11 2014 23:32
And I’ll point out that it was a lot easier to ask you a question and get an answer.