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Sep 2014
Patrick Landin
Sep 12 2014 02:57
Zach! Where are you?
Zach Bryan
Sep 12 2014 04:54
Sorry Guys I ran all over the place came home to grab my stuff and passed out. soo sorry!
Jason Studstill
Sep 12 2014 05:06
Hey guys, this is a little off topic, but I am very lost on an assignment in the early lessons of javascript in the code academy tutorial. I finished the Rock, Paper, Scissors tutorial as prescribed, but at the end of the section I tried to sandbox the script and make it more usable. Particularly, I am trying to allow the user (and computer) to guess again if there is a tie. Here is a link to my gist (I'm not entirely comfortable with Git yet). Please help me figure this out.:
My Rock, Paper, Scissors Gist
Zach Bryan
Sep 12 2014 05:35
@studstill is it throwing any errors?
Jason Studstill
Sep 12 2014 05:38
No. It runs. Even if I tell it '''
''' return choice1 = prompt ("It's a tie! Guess again") '''
There it prompts an allows a new input, but it runs redundant loop for several more cycles, the returns undefined
(An=and in previous sentence)
Zach Bryan
Sep 12 2014 05:56
at the beginning you need to define a range for your controls... if > x && < y do z
look at your choice1, choice2 where are you getting those inputs from? you define a userchoice and computer choice but don't ever pass that to the function
sorry didn't scroll far enough