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Mar 2017
Florian Dahlitz
Mar 25 2017 07:48
So you want, that if somebody hits a submit button, the information will be sent to more than just one controller, am I right?
Florian Dahlitz
Mar 25 2017 07:56

So if i am right i think there are two possible solutions:

  1. you can let the one controller handle the information he gets and save them afterwards in an database. Than you just need to retrieve them by the other controller after redirecting to him.

  2. first controller is handling the information and after finishing you open the next controller/method with arguments (redirect or something else). So without a db.

But which of both makes sense depends on what you want to do. I just can recommend to read the CI docs and focus on their logic so without that what you've done.

Purushottam Bitle
Mar 25 2017 08:38
okz, I will go through ci docs. Thank you for all your help. :)