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Apr 2016
Apr 07 2016 03:26

For connection through terminal -

-First install EB CLI using
-Run eb init, which will configure the eb command line to one of your running eb instances. I have created the RDS and beanstallk in N.Virginia region. Choose TestServer as the name of the application.
-Run eb ssh —setup to configure your EB Environment to allow ssh inbound traffic.

  • Run eb ssh commnd to finally connect.
  • To connect with database run this - mysql -h -P 3306 -u satya -p CollegeKhabar
    Here -h - endpoint name [you can verify it from RDS console. Dont forget to select correct region. I ended up wasting lot of time because of this.]
       -P port
       -u master username which is created when we create RD
       -p name of database
    It will prompt for master password which is manit106
  • Although I have installed mysql on ec2 machine. But if on running the command it doesn't recognize mysql then you will have to manually install it.
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