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Apr 2016
Apr 20 2016 21:43
Some of the wrong coding practices I observed.
//always use a property file for configuration purposes as everything cannot go into startup parameters
//always provide an sql in the sql folder for the db entities for others to execute in db before starting the applicaiton.Later this can be automated on system startup.
//Why is every method static in this class.There was no specific need for this.
//Try to use wrapper classes like Boolean and not native datatypes boolean as these wrapper classes provide a lot of functionalities.
//Null pointer checks have not been handled properly anywhere.NPE is a crime and obviously its solution is not just a npe check.
//Code reuse has not been kept in mind
So guys I would like to introduce practice of peer reviews as this would ensure that atleast 2 ppl know about the changes and further it would ensure no buggy code is being committed.
Apr 20 2016 21:54
I am sharing an eclipse.epf file. This is the eclipse preferences file. Please import this into your eclipse workspaces as this would format all our code. Please ensure you do not commit any code if you have not imported this .
I will commit this file with the project.
Apr 20 2016 22:03
Also one major doubt. Why is a single user assigned multiple roles...??
This should not be the case.
One user will have only one role.
Each role will have a set of privileges.