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Mar 2016
Marvin Klempert
Mar 05 2016 17:46
@tommygebru You could and can get every course for 12$ with coupons you could find online. These work all the time. But udemy is changing their price policy after this weekend, so courses will cost between 20 and 50$ and you can´t get them cheaper than 20$, but what´s good: They won´t cost more than 50$. I just bought a very very awesome course that is called "The Web Developer Bootcamp". It´ll give you all the important knowledge you need to start as a web-dev in state-of-the-art working environments.
Mar 05 2016 20:57
what would be a great course to continue after completing the freecodecamp FED certificate? or better yet the best javascript course after FCC?