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Jan 2015
Joshua Smith
Jan 17 2015 21:58
@/all #274 is almost ready to be merged
What do you think?
Daniel Huigens
Jan 17 2015 23:45
Looks good!
  • You probably know this one, but night mode
  • Missing buttons in full screen mode
  • Superfluous scrollbars for .editor-container
  • Re. animation between design and raw, I would find it prettier if you kept the horizontal slide and slide the tab underline as well. It's a matter of taste though
  • Two nits, not very applicable if you're going to do the above: 1) document title is animated with the tab titles; 2) tab underline is placed slightly low
  • Everything became smaller, and I'm always to say that everything should be bigger. Particularly document previews are a little small now.