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Mar 2015
Daniel Huigens
Mar 05 2015 01:28
So, I've started working on integrating ViewerJS, which displays pdf, odt, odp (presentation) and ods (spreadsheet)
I won't enable it for odt, since we already have read-write support through odt.js
Pdf viewing is cool, but ideally at some point I would like something similar to odt.js where we have export to pdf functionality as well (technically we could even implement editing pdf files)
Daniel Huigens
Mar 05 2015 01:40
Which leaves spreadsheets and presentations. Both are so different from word processing that you could easily justify making entirely separate apps just for them.
However, having everything in one app seems sort of convenient. So I guess the conclusion would be, just enable read-only support now and wait until someone cooks up write support.
Daniel Huigens
Mar 05 2015 01:54
Thoughts, e.g. about editing odp, or creating graphs in ods/odt? Should we try to do that at all, and what about mobile?
Joshua Smith
Mar 05 2015 03:11
Out of curiosity, why do most apps not allow PDF editing?
That is cool about your integration. I think we should definitely try to fit them all into one office app.
ODP could be done with contenteditable or a derived editor
Spreadsheets would be different
Also, I am not sure that all these are suited for mobile
Daniel Huigens
Mar 05 2015 05:16
It's not that simple, also for us btw. A pdf specifies the exact location of everything including text - if you want to add a paragraph that's tricky.
It's part of the purpose of the file, I suppose. Some pdfs even have a flag "editing prohibited" which Acrobat honors.