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Jun 2015
Josh Smith
Jun 30 2015 04:29
The Mozilla guy said it was ok to abandon 1.1
Is it ok if I just do that and release tomorrow?
(I can't fix the issue)
Or, do you want to take a look?
Daniel Huigens
Jun 30 2015 14:53
I tried to install a 1.1 simulator, but it freezes for me on linux and I can't connect the developer tools on windows.
Are you using an actual 1.1 device? Have you tried connecting WebIDE to it?
Unless you don't feel like trying more, in that case go ahead. 1.1 users automatically stay on the old version?
Josh Smith
Jun 30 2015 15:52
I have a ZTE Open device with 1.1 on it
Not many webtools are able to connect to it. (Just console+debugger+style editor)
And, no errors hit the console (hence adb logcat)
ZTE Open users (and maybe a few other early device users) are stuck on 1.1
btw, you can connect devtools to the simulator if you install firefox 25