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    I also had a question around prerequisites. Where it says you must earn at least 250 points on FCC - does this refer to each bullet point on the certifications - e.g. Basic HTML has 28 bullet point tasks - is that 28 towards the 250? Thank you!
    Finn Pegler
    @jessica0000 This question was asked at the last meetup so I can help out. You are supposed to ignore the 250 points, and just complete all of the courses they mention (listed in the image above). They add up to 270 currently but that can change as FreeCodeCamp make edits.
    Hi all, I’m Liz. Is anyone based around borough or central London that would be interested in meeting up on the weekends. Currently working on code wars and tidying up my website
    Thank you for letting me know @FinnPegler :)
    Hi @FinnPegler @yvonne-liu does this mean that unless my 250 points are not in all of those "recommended" modules that my application will not be considered? I have 250 points and have done all of the recommended modules except 2 (basic algorithm scripting and basic data structures). If this is the case I think the website needs to be updated because currently those modules are listed as "recommended" rather than mandatory!
    Hi there, as I'm not able to participate in today meetup, is there another one this week?
    And, does anyone wants to meet this week after 17:30 around Hammersmith to work on the image carousel?
    @/all For those of you who can't join us in person tonight, we're having two current students doing a one-hour AMA (ask me anything) on their student experience so far. The AMA will be from 18:30-19:30 TONIGHT in the Spring 2020 applicants room so please make sure to join us there!
    If anyone is new to Codewars, here are some suggested JavaScript katas (challenges) to get you started: https://www.codewars.com/collections/training-js-series-for-javascript-beginner-myjinxin2015

    Reminder to @/all that we have a meetup tonight at Space4! You're encouraged to pair up, work on any part of the prerequisite, and ask us any questions you'd like!

    You can find us at 113-115 Fonthill Road, N4 3HH. Please buzz for Founders and Coders and please help us by not coming before 18:00 at the earliest. The meetup will run from 18:30 - 20:30.

    @mikailbadoula I'm happy to make the language on the website more explicit, but the intentional was more "start with these modules and then do other modules and continue your learning"
    I would suggest you complete the two sections as they will help solidify your learnings :blush:
    We've decided to close the spring 2020 application deadline to 23:59 GMT on January 2, 2020. It just felt a little mean to close it on New Year's Eve :blush:
    Ok thanks for confirming @yvonne-liu ... back to freecodecamp it is I guess lol
    Hi, I'm Peter, hoping to join in Spring and meet some others on the same journey as me!
    Hello ! Interested in Spring 2020 programme, excited to start using the free coding platforms.
    Patricia Costalonga
    Hello, my name is Patricia, I've started to study this year to change my career from designer to front-end developer. And I've heard amazing things about Founders and Coders at one of Node Girls London events. I'm looking to apply for the Spring 2020 cohort. I look forward to meeting everyone at the next meeting!
    @yvonne-liu hope you are well! Will we have any work shops in December?
    Hi All - Just dropping a message to introduce myself - i recently made a career change and am now looking to found a fintech start up - given my coding is currently very basic, very much hoping to become a FAC student & meet you all soon!
    Hi Folks, I'm interested in spring programme. Excited to start to learn more about coding
    Hi all, I'm Jiyoung. I hope to join the Spring 2020 cohort!
    Hi everyone, I’m Nafisa and i’m hoping to joining the Spring cohort😊
    Idris Haji
    Hey, i cant remember if i expressed interest for the december cohort, so is there a way to check if i did
    Hi all, I'm Liam and looking to apply to the Spring 2020 cohort. Look forward to meeting you soon!
    Renbenthung Ovung
    Hi Everyone, I am Ren. I am a communications consultant and I want to learn coding to increase my worth in the market and also to sustain and grow along with the changing landscape of communications. \
    Hey everyone, our meetup tonight is a workshop and the topic is Hosting on GitHub Pages, from 18:30 - 20:30
    Hi everyone! my name is Ivo and I am hoping to join the Spring or Summer cohort :D
    Hello everyone my name is Jack, my background is in developing corporate partnerships in charities - I am looking to retrain in programming and I'm really excited about what Founders and Coders has to offer. Looking forward to meeting some of you over the next few months.
    Hey guys, apologies if this has been posted before:
    For our webpage, what's the minimum screen width that we should make it responsive to? Would 350px be as small as we need?
    @jrd656 hey! Looking here https://www.toptal.com/designers/responsive/responsive-design-best-practices suggests the lowest (and most common) width is 360px, so that looks like a healthy minimum to work to wrt responsiveness. Thanks for prompting me to look up some best practice guides :)
    @jrd656 this is the other guide I found helpful https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/responsive-design-best-practices
    Oh that's really informative @jackherizsmith , thanks! I'd done a bit of Googling, but it all seemed pretty subjective. I'll stick to 350/360 for now and hope I remember to check at the next Q&A :-)
    Hi everyone! I've recently started learning to code and I feel "slightly obsessed" :) There's so much to learn! I hope I can join the next cohort and meet you all.
    Hey all, I'm applying to a coding course as well as trying to teach it to myself currently. Would love to hear any tips you guys might have!
    @melissafrat free code camp is great, especially for HTML & CSS, and once you start getting your head round Javascript Udemy has some brilliant courses, and I didn't know about CodeWars until recently - it's a brilliant way to learn because you see how others do it. Which could be in a more advanced way, or a more lateral thinking way.
    Jacq Kedi
    Hiya CFE, I’m Jacqueline/Kedi and I’m applying for Spring 2020 . Currently in NYC for work will return home end of Dec — looking forward to meeting everyone ! ty :)
    Hi all, my name is Caroline and I am hoping to join the spring cohort. Looking forward to meeting you all!
    Hello CFE, My name is Tiago and I'd love to join the CFE spring 2020! I will try to give myself a headstart! See you in the spring.
    Martina Gabrielli
    Hey all! Just found out about this great community. I'd like to join the CFE spring 2020 but seems like it's too late to drop my application now :( anyone in the same situation? Cheers
    Madhushree Gupta
    Hi All, My name is Madhu and I am a HTML/CSS developer. I want to learn javascript and I have applied for spring cohort. I hope to join you all in next cohort.
    Hi, I wanted to know is there a class on 16th December about HOSTING ON GITHUB PAGES?
    Hey @martinagabrielli I think once you've signed up and gone through the expression of interest form (set up GitHub repository etc, and following the guide is straightforward) then you're set for Spring. The deadline is January 2, by which time you need to have completed the prerequisites (completing free courses on FreeCodeCamp and CodeWars) and submitting a personal website with some parameters. It's all set out here.
    Martina Gabrielli
    @jackherizsmith great to hear this! I'm gonna look into that now.
    Hello! I'm Alice and am interested in the Summer 2020 cohort. That sounds quite far away but I'm sure it'll come around quickly! Looking forward to meeting some of you for the prereq challenges :)
    Hi all. Terry here, I'm looking forward to meeting you along our coding journey. I'm excited at the possibility of joining a cohort. Hopefully I wasn't too late with expressing my interest.
    Hello everyone! I'm Hannah and I'm interested in joining the Spring 2020 cohort. I've been studying on freeCodeCamp for the past year and I want to take my learning to the next level. I'm excited to meet and connect with other coders! x
    Hi everyone, I am brand new here. Guess I better get started with some CodeWars!