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Jan 2016
Panagiotis H.M. Issaris
Jan 06 2016 13:40
Hi @codingjoe! I'm back again with another question: The Dutch verification service seems to be down a lot, or maybe they just have a low number of request they allow in a daily timeframe. I just noticed that when saving Dutch VAT numbers, the form did not validate due to an illegal VAT number, but when I checked on the VIES website, it appeared that the service was down.
So, I had a quick look at the source code, and noticed that in at the bottom, WebFaults are being propagated upward.
So, I noticed that the various kind of errors are not handled differently. Then I had a look at the suds source code, and looked at the fault and faultstring values in the exception.
What's your opinion on this? Would you agree that it would be nice if in the django-vies layer there would be different handling for a failure of the service and an actual invalid vat number?
Johannes Hoppe
Jan 06 2016 13:44
Yes, that is actually a problem, you can't send too many requests. If you have a solution I'm always open to pull request. Leave me a ticket will you? I'm currently only on my phone.
Panagiotis H.M. Issaris
Jan 06 2016 13:45
I looked at the logs, but couldn't find something to distinguish them up until now, but I haven't looked carefully enough though. I wanted to ask your first, just in case I overlooked something. Otherwise, I figure I will do a network trace and see what vies responds in either case to see how we might distinguish both cases.
Great! :-) I'll have a look later today, and create a ticket for it.