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Feb 2016
Sami Rahman
Feb 02 2016 02:58
Hi guys, yes I tried with Providence#1.6 too, still the issue persist
Feb 02 2016 12:02
Hi sam... got your email
will respond this morning
Feb 02 2016 23:27
Am having a problem finding a setting I need to tweak after updating to 1.6 -- the setting so that URLs are like instead of{whatever CA's random identifier is} -- Where is it? (Thanks!)
Feb 02 2016 23:31
hmm, no idea. @collectiveaccess should know :-)
Feb 02 2016 23:33
The frustrating thing is I know I saw it while I was checking up on something else. Then I told myself I didn't need to worry about it because clearly that must be setting overridden in a local file. . .