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Feb 2016
Feb 10 2016 15:22
@pinkfishies Thanks, will do
Feb 10 2016 20:01
hi all, having a bit of a head-scratcher trying to get a Pawtucket install up and running with a Nginx server: "Errors occurred when trying to access /pawtucket/index.php/Browse/Index:
Invalid controller path" there are no errors in the nginx logs relevant to it and no errors in the ca logs at all we can find. Any troubleshooting tips?
Feb 10 2016 20:44
Hmm, my first guess is that the automatic __CA_BASE_DIR__ detection in setup.php failed because the $_SERVER array looks slightly different for nginx
we usually use apache
can you try setting __CA_BASE_DIR__ by hand? it's in setup.php line 188
like so:
define("__CA_BASE_DIR__", "/your/pawtucket/base/dir");