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Mar 2016
Mar 31 2016 00:21
No worries @stefankeidel .. it's intuitive enough that I worked it out.. just a matter of me getting used to the system! Thanks.
Mar 31 2016 00:46
@stefankeidel thanks for the pro tip. will definitely try media import without queue. as for having access to the system, not really possible since it's behind a firewall/LDAP auth. I can export the config though if that can help? thanks again
Mar 31 2016 11:23
@mrjayviper It might. At least it'll show us the locale for the labels that are "stuck"
Mar 31 2016 23:45
@stefankeidel I cannot show the locale because it's one of those intrinsic fields. it's the "Object title" element.

media importing. So I have a folder called "2029" and with 3 images. The file names can be seen in the screenshot (see below). The intention is to import all 3 images to a single object with id number 2029. But it's not working. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? thanks