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Apr 2016
Apr 01 2016 00:55
Generate a configuration export and it'll have the locale for the custom label that's stuck. If I can't see your system or get a mysql dump, that might at least give us a clue what's going on
For the media import ... under Advances Options in that batch media import form there's a section "Matching". You probably want to select "Match using directory name" there
Apr 01 2016 01:16
@stefankeidel -thumbs up- media import working now. I used the last option which is "match folder name and then file name". I'm exporting the config now. thanks again! :)
Apr 01 2016 11:08
Ok. I'll take a look when I can
Apr 01 2016 11:45
@mrjayviper What's the editor/screen where the label is stuck?