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Apr 2016
John Mark Hawley
Apr 14 2016 15:36
I'm not sure what concept I have wrong that is making this so difficult. When running a data import, assume we have one row per art item. One column is the creator of the piece. We want to be able to search by creator name once we're done with this. What is the simplest way to make this happen?
Apr 14 2016 15:59
Hi @jmhnilbog yes, this is a straightforward import mapping task
In the mapping document you simply need to map the number of the column (that contains the creators) and set the target to ca_entities. In the refinery column you'll use entitySplitter and the two parameters that will be necessary are entityType and relationshipType
of course you'll need a system that's set up with a configuration before you begin importing. Which installation profile you chose somewhat depends on what type of art organization you are---gallery, museum, academic collection, etc.